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Remedy Tree are a band blazing their own trail in the field of indie Americana. A little bit of bluegrass, some indie attitude and combination of male and female vocals reminiscent of ages past mix together for a modern and traditional sound all on one. With a full length recently released this group is making themselves a regular name locally. ”

— Bleeding Tree Entertainment

Tale of Three

Remedy Tree

10 Original songs about Love, Life, and Hope
  1. 1 Winter and Spring 03:23 Info Buy
  2. 2 Falls and Fights 03:32 Info Buy
  3. 3 Lovers and Thieves 04:54 Info Buy
  4. 4 Nature 04:28 Info Buy
  5. 5 October Moon 04:34 Info Buy
  6. 6 Back to You and Me 04:36 Info Buy
  7. 7 Withering Dreams 02:56 Info Buy
  8. 8 Life Lullaby 03:18 Info Buy
  9. 9 Whispers 04:29 Info Buy
  10. 10 Worrier's Lament 04:18 Info Buy
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