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Remedy Tree is Florida's hard driving modern bluegrass band. Lyric-driven songs, foot stomping energy and heart warming melodies define Remedy Tree, a band focused on original music blending bluegrass, folk, and old time music with new ideas creating a truly unique modern Americana sensation.”

We are psyched to bring you our July single release! Written by by Gabriel Acevedo, Atmosphere began as a jam between songs eventually lyrics were added. Starring Gabriel and Abigail Acevedo's daughter Aliya Acevedo and Eva Boothby (playing Aliya grown up) the video was written and directed by Gabriel Acevedo. Gabriel and Abigail manned the camera on a few parts and the great Tucker Joenz shot all the beach scenes. Last but not least it was recorded mixed and mastered at Fish Tank Recordings by Lu Rubino, St Augustine Florida.  Watch the video below!