The People of The Tree

Remedy Tree is an Americana/folk band from St Augustine FL. Their lyric driven energy filled songs fill their melodious harmonies with a renewed sense of drive as they intertwine roots Americana music, bluegrass, and old-time music. Gabriel Acevedo, a singer/songwiter, Florida State Fiddle champion and guitar player from Umatilla FL started writing songs at a young age and formed several bluegrass bands with his brother Obed Acevedo spanning from 2008-2014. Gabriel formed Remedy in the Summer of 2015 with his wife Abigail Acevedo. Their sound has grown as they've honed in on original content, drawing influences from contemporary and traditional artists alike such as Old Crow Medicine show, Mandolin Orange, and The Avett Brothers. Remedy Tree currently consists of Gabriel Acevedo(Fiddle, Guitar), Abigail Acevedo(Guitar, Bass), Aaron Morse(Mandolin) and Benny McDowell (Banjo). They currently tour locally and across state lines alike playing small venues, and festivals, promoting their latest EP release Juncture #1.

“There is a fresh new sound in the air. I have heard only a few times. Its the new sounds from our youth. Taken in by the sounds of yesterday. Remedy Tree has blended the new with the traditional and has brought forth a new generation of music. I was impressed by their sound and their performance. The crowd loved them. I'm a still receiving comments about their performance. I want to send a shout out to the group for your performance at the 40th Annual High Springs Pioneer Days Event. I see the a bright future for these young musicians. ” — Michael Loveday, High Springs Music Coordinator

Why "Remedy Tree" ?

"I have always been attracted to trees in a great way. I have always felt a connection to them. They start from such small minimal things like an acorn, so susceptible to destruction, and grow into such majestic creatures.....
Imagine walking through an open field with the scorching sun bearing on you, and then imagine suddenly standing before a tree, tall and thick and rich. It's that moment you know you love when the shade hits your face and you can finally feel the breeze. 
Our vision for Remedy Tree is not only to provide people with quality entertainment and a good time, but through that moment we wish that they may find a remedy for their sorrows...a remedy for a chronic sad heart and feeble mind. 
There is so much negativity in this world. The music industry constantly pumps out songs that reflect a hollow soul, or a sense of shallow satisfaction. 
We want to show people life can be meaningful! Even though you don't take it seriously, your life is making a profound impact, wether good or bad. We want people to be inspired to find their God given dream, push aside the distractions and focus on a future that leave s a legacy! 
Remedy Tree is a start of something's a reflection of our own struggles and our own falls and fights...We make a stand in this generation that demands instant gratification, to show you that you have to work hard for anything good, and it all starts with a small seed, that in time turns into a city. 
That's our goal. We want that to be your goal. Be a remedy Tree. Grow tall and strong. Inspire others. Challenge yourself! 
Remedy Tree is more than music. It's a mindset. Its a lifestyle. 
Thank you for joining us and supporting us in our journey! "

-Gabriel Acevedo, Singer/Songwriter for Remedy Tree